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Safeguarding Children

Due to the immense difficulties encountered in meeting our statutory obligation to provide children & young people safeguarding training, this training session has been prepared to ensure that all staff are fully up-to-date with regard to their responsibilities.

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More about this course

Aim of this course
The aim of the session is to provide participants with knowledge of their role and responsibilities when safeguarding children and young people.
At the end of this course, learners will be able to:
  1. Know about child maltreatment in its different forms
  2. Know about relevance of parental, family and carer factors such as domestic abuse, mental and physical ill-health, substance and alcohol misuse
  3. Know what to do if there are concerns about child maltreatment
  4. Know about the importance of sharing information
  5. Know what to do if they feel that their concerns are not being taken seriously
  6. Know the risks associated with the internet and online social networking
  7. Know what the term ‘Looked after child’ means
  8. Be able to recognise possible signs of child maltreatment as this relates to their role
  9. Be able to seek appropriate advice and report concerns, and feel confident that they have been listened to


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